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Factors determining success in carve-out transactions: precise planning and structuring (transaction and object), transparent presentation of the transaction object and professional management of the multi-dimensional process

As a result of more targeted focusing, more and more parts/areas, which are not part of a company’s core business, are being sold: entire divisions, individual products, product lines, services or support functions (such as facility management).

The greater the degree to which a division that is to be divested is currently integrated, the more difficult it is to structure a carve-out.

We support companies in the entire carve-out process and with core issues: from the exact definition of products/services, planning an independently viable organization, allocating income/costs/assets/liabilities up to the sale itself.

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Weindl Michael R.


Michael R. Weindl

Przybilla Arne


Arne Przybilla