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Helbling Business Advisors


Turnaround reports

Our independent search for an opinion and a verdict provides the basis for our longstanding business relationships with companies and banks. 

Our reports make situations transparent and demonstrate routes out of the crisis. They meet the requirements of supreme court decisions and of the IDW (Institute of Public Auditors in Germany) S 6 standard to provide the basis for financing decisions.

We lay down a marker on the following issues: 
  • Evaluation of the company’s economic and financial situation (profit / loss, changes in the balance sheet and liquidity – both current and in the medium-term)
  • Assessment of performance (strategic and operating) taking account of external and internal factors
  • Depiction of the action needed to refocus the company
  • Deduction of a viable concept for restructuring the company’s focus and financing structure
  • Designing the working basis for providing professional support in implementing this concept

Selected references / Further references

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Stefan Huber



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