Welcome to the Helbling blog! Here we will tell you about things and ideas that are keeping us busy. One area of focus is data analytics – whether it’s Internet-of-Things sensors in a household appliance or patient data for use with a medical device. However, we will also report more broadly, from embedded software to design and usability. We are looking forward to sharing these ideas with you and hope to get in touch!

Design and Usability: why the user is always right

We have been offering services for design and usability since 2014. Our portfolio ranges from medical devices and lab equipment, sanitary and household equipment, to power tools and industry plants. For a complete product development, we work closely with our engineers. This combination of design and engineering allows us to … read on

Hybrid classification: What do you do when machine learning hits some limitations?

When talking about data and its analysis, machine learning comes to mind very quickly, and indeed machine learning has provided excellent solutions in many of our projects. However, we have sometimes hit some limitations as well, for instance … read on