Helbling Group

Unique combination of expert skills
in innovation and consulting.

Helbling Group

Valuable through Innovation

The internationally operating Helbling Group, which was founded in 1963, positions itself as an interdisciplinary nexus of engineering and consulting expertise. The independent Group is run by 36 managing partners and employs some 570 professionals at locations in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China. The Group’s main focus is on providing selected services in the fields of technological innovation and business consulting.

Our unique combination of expert skills in technological innovation and business consulting makes us one of the few service providers capable of dealing with tasks not only by taking a specialist, project-oriented approach, but also from the perspective of the company as a whole. Our well-organized interdisciplinary teams work together with their clients to devise viable solutions as quickly as possible and provide support to ensure their successful implementation. This concept is applied to both strategic and operational projects.

The Helbling Group supports medium-sized companies and large corporations with product innovation and development, focusing particularly on the household appliance, medical technology, pharmaceutical, apparatus and laboratory equipment, transport and traffic, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering and energy systems industries. We offer advice to companies for developing strategies, producing innovations, entering new markets, concerning mergers & acquisitions, and in terms of reducing costs at an internationally competitive level. We also develop sound restructuring concepts for companies in crisis, ensuring their survival and opening up new opportunities for growth.

Regardless of the individual specifications of the tasks our clients entrust to us, we always have the same goal in mind: to boost their innovative ability and competitiveness. Our professional staff only consider their work to be complete once their client has achieved what our guiding principle claims: “Valuable through Innovation”.


Services relating to product innovation, microtechnology, mechanics, electronics and software development, calculations and simulations, optics/sensor technology/image evaluations, and clean technology

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Business Advisors

Strategy, Operations & Technology, Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Value Chain Management and Digital Process Transformation

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Beratung + Bauplanung

Construction owner services in construction and civil engineering and services for real estate development, energy and building services engineering

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PLM Solutions

Consulting, implementation and integration services for product lifecycle management solutions

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Helbling Technik

Innovation, together we do it

Our service portfolio covers a wide range of standardized project phases which we implement either individually or in mile-stone-driven packages. In the run-up to the development process, we assess the market opportunities, analyze your ideas from a commercial and a technical standpoint and carry out feasibility studies.

If all of the prerequisites are met, we move to the planning stage where activities are based on our findings. We draw up concepts that provide us with reliable data for the design phase and by performing tests and fine-tuning generate optimum results. We then move on to development, followed by prototyping and finally production ramp-up support.

The key to our success are our teams – creative, experienced people who are dedicated to developing innovations and implementing them efficiently using project management tools. Innate curiosity and openness for new ideas are their driving force.

Our motivation, creativity, and technical expertise are the main ingredients when it comes to finding the best possible solutions to the challenges facing our clients. This enables us to create products, methods and processes that generate real added value. Our team of over 400 engineering, IT and physics specialists generate new ideas and help you integrate state-of-the-art technologies.

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Focus Areas

Helbling Business Advisors

Your partner to shape a sustainable future of your enterprise

Our focus is on increasing and regaining the competitiveness of our customers.

Changes in the global market, new competitors in many industries, networking of products and services – the challenges facing the management becoming increasingly complex. This requires a rapid development of effective, flexible concepts and the consistent implementation of measures.

We develop tailormaid solutions according to your individual requirements for a strong positioning in the world 4.0, the adaptation of global value creation systems and support you in M&A transactions.
On request, we will assist you also with the implementation – clearly, actively and pragmatically.

As a long-time partner of medium-sized companies and corporate divisions, it is our mission to speak your language. In addition to experience, commitment and high technical know-how, our employees have a profound understanding of technology and the necessary “hands-on mentality”.

It is our mission to secure your entrepreneurial success in an ever faster competitive environment.

Inform yourself about our services or contact us directly. We will find out as soon as possible how we can support you.


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Focus Areas

Helbling Beratung + Bauplanung

Your Partner for Projects in Real Estate, Industry and Infrastructure

We shepherd complex real estate, industrial and infrastructure projects to a successful conclusion. Services on energy issues round off the portfolio. Our almost 50 employees stand for interdisciplinarity, objectivity and creating customer benefit.

Our world is the project business environment involving public and private owners from various industries who own buildings and facilities. Our experience and expertise enables us to perform complex tasks for our clients, coming up with viable solutions that are high quality, customized and professional. Our employees’ in-depth and broad experience allows us to work closely with decision-makers – both as owner representation and consultation as well as comprehensive planning and consultation in the field of energy and building services engineering. Finally, we support our customers on their premises and at their site developments.

Helbling Beratung + Bauplanung operates as an independent company in the marketplace. This assures our clients of access to our broad expertise, objectivity, complete focus on client needs, thus allowing freedom of action. We provide our services in partnership with and for our customers, focusing on their structural and plant-specific assets, which creates a collaborative strategy resulting in professional, customized outcomes.

Discover our service portfolio in the three specific brochures «Real Estate», «Industry» and «Infrastructure».

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Focus Areas

Helbling PLM Solutions

Enabling Innovation with Information Technology

Helbling PLM Solutions aims to use IT to create environments that are geared towards the needs of the client and to promote creativity and innovation.

It focuses on business-relevant elements of the value creation chain which offer the client a competitive advantage.

Helbling PLM Solutions is able to call on the wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge of its staff when providing its consulting, implementation and integration services. In terms of IT, these assignments are fulfilled with the help of product lifecycle management solutions (PDM, CAD, CAE, CAM).

The solutions, which optimally support the business processes, are developed and implemented in partnership with the client.

A customized training and support scheme guarantees continuous long-term cooperation, even after the project is completed.

Here are a few examples of the benefits created for the client:

  • Improved quality, yet reduced costs.
  • Shorter time-to-market, yet enhanced innovative capacity
  • Transparent management tools, yet reduced overheads

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Focus Areas