International Swiss Talent Forum 2023

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The 12th ISTF will take place between February 7 – 11, 2023. This year’s topic is Circular Economy.

Circular Economy is becoming the cornerstone of the next industrial revolution to stop the loss of the planet’s biocapacity and climate change and to save resources. New ways of defining growth and success must be found.

Represented by Rainer Maisch and Jonathan Demierre, Helbling Technik will support this Forum as Challengers, i.e. experts, for Challenge 3 ‘Make refurbishment schemes in the appliance sector a reality’.

The elected talents will present on February 11, 2023 their results on an open to the public event at Swiss Tech Convention Center EPFL in Lausanne.

We have the chance of learning from nature where the everlasting cycles and rhythm of growth and recovery are proven principles, finetuned over billions of years.
Be there live when the next generation presents its diverse ideas on this major global challenge.

For more details and registration until the 29th of January, please see the following links