«GHO 12V-20 Professional» Professional Cordless Planer

Project description

The Bosch GHO 12V-20 Professional Cordless Planer is a compact cordless planer for mobile woodworking. It is distinguished by unbeaten practicality and sets a new standard in tool control. Helbling developed various mechanical aspects, the ergonomics, the user friendliness and the underlying fluid dynamics for airflow and chip exhaust – from the pilot study all the way to the functional model.

Bosch’s goal in commissioning Helbling was to have proprietary pre-development ideas that would be developed externally. Helbling’s years of experience with concept verification and prototype development make it ideal for such a project. 


Key data and technical details

  • Ease of use and on-the-go handling thanks to compact design and Bosch battery technology
  • Low-dust emissions thanks to optimised airflow and chip exhaust system
  • Smallest professional planer: 44.5 x 35.7 x 15.2 cm, around the size of a hand planer
  • Component architecture makes part refinishing unnecessary during assembly
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  • Developing the functional detailed concept in a pilot study
  • Developing several prototypes
  • Simulation and optimisation of the ventilation system for cooling the electric motor
  • Test series to optimise the ergonomics
  • Empirical test of the chip exhaust
  • Concept development for tidy operation with the planer

Result / Success

The GHO 12V-20 Professional is Bosch’s first cordless planer in the 12V segment. Its weight and size are comparable with a conventional hand planer so professionals can use it the same way.

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