International paper company – analysis of the steam system

Project description

The steam system of a swiss production plant that is part of an international paper company is analyzed. Suitable alternative steam to power concepts to the planned conversion are designed. These concepts are evaluated and compared with regard to technical feasibility, investment, and operating costs as well as the gain from electrical power generation. The results serve as a basis for future investment decisions.

Key data and technical details

  • Project duration: 3 months
  • Year: 2018
  • Steam quantity of the complete system: approx. 100,000 tons per year
  • Steam pressure network: 14 to 21 bar
Image /


  • Capture and visualization of the steam system (pressure, temperature, flow, valve positions)
  • Data evaluation from the process control system (PLS), estimation and validation of the flows without PLS data
  • Display of all relevant flows in a Sankey diagram
  • Definition of the minimum steam requirements for the paper process
  • Evaluation of the planned power generation concept, development of possible alternative concepts
  • Comparison of variants with advantages and disadvantages
  • Identifying potential savings, annual operating costs and investment

Result / Success

In addition to the planned power generation concept, Helbling develops alternative concept variants. With the most economical solution, an energy quantity of about 680 MWhel / a can be generated. It shows a total static payback of about 8 years. This creates an improved basis for investment and makes risks visible.

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