Product Vision for Hair Coloration

Project description

As part of its growth strategy, a manufacturer of functional packaging wants to develop applicators for the hair dye market. The applicators should bring a concrete added value for the consumers. So far, the manufacturer has not been active in this field.

Helbling’s Ideation Team was commissioned to develop product visions for new hair coloring products.


The project was carried out along Helbling’s customer-centric process, which is based on the principles of Design Thinking:

  1. Need Finding
  • Understanding the market and customer segments
  • Intensive user research to determine customer needs
  • Condensation and prioritization of customer needs with the help of personas
  1. Solution Finding
  • Development of solutions based on customer needs
  • Rapid development of prototypes and testing of solutions with real customers
  • Clarification of feasibility and economic viability
  • Development of product visions, which the manufacturer can present to his customers
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  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Research and prioritization of customer needs
  • Generate ideas and test them immediately with end customers
  • Creation of 5 packaging concepts with clear end customer benefits

Result / success

  • Clear picture of customer needs in this new segment for our customers
  • Selection of short- and medium-term implementable product visions with which our customer can penetrate the hair dye market
  • All product visions have been developed and tested customer-centric
  • Full innovation pipeline for entry into the new market segment

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