Surrogate Robotic Arm System

Project description

Our client is a world leader in surgical tools, engaged in developing a new suite of robotic instruments for a state-of-the-art robotic system.

We were tasked to develop and build a “surrogate” robotic arm system, which allows our client to quantify the performance of new instruments comprehensively in a pre-clinical environment. The instruments were tested with the robotic arm to evaluate their technical performance and usability preferences.


Key data and technical details

  • Integration of off-the-shelf (OTS) robotic arm and hand-held wireless controllers
  • Lag-free real time control of surgical tool through the UI
  • Iterative and closed form inverse kinematics algorithms of the tool and manipulator
  • Core algorithm and GUI developed in visual C++
  • Portable system, easy and quick to setup
  • Integration of safety features, enabling the system to work in proximity of humans
Image /


  • Develop a system requirements document, the overall conceptual design and the system-level layout
  • Identify, select and source OTS components for robotic arm and UI
  • Custom instrument tool driver electro-mechanical design
  • Develop a robust inverse kinematics algorithm which maps user input to tool motion and a backlash mitigation algorithm
  • Design and program a control system with a GUI
  • Assembly, wiring and integration of all subsystems
  • In-house functional testing and debugging of entire system
  • Engineering support during in-vivo cadaver studies

Result / Success

By developing, building and testing a fully functional “surrogate” robotic arm system in record time, our customer was able to accelerate the instrument development and testing program by months.

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