Energy & Smart Infrastructure

We use the latest information and communication technologies to develop innovative solutions that ensure reliable energy supplies, flexible mobility and intelligent, energy-efficient controls and regulation algorithms in buildings. We design resource-saving solutions for plants and systems in the energy and environmental technology sectors and help our customers implement their projects and plans.

We help you with the following core services

Smart devices

  • Intelligent controls and regulation algorithms for buildings
  • Applications for access authorisation, fire protection, heating, climate control and ventilation
  • Software for autonomous vehicles
  • Embedded systems and control units

Networking and communication (connectivity)

  • Quick, reliable communication
  • Different protocols, standards and open interfaces
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Industry 4.0

Backend applications

  • Cloud technology for aggregating and evaluating sensor and device data
  • Platform for smart meters and the acquisition of consumption data (e.g. energy, usage)
  • Intelligent data evaluations with machine learning, data analytics and AI methods
  • Configuration, simulation and service support

Completion of concept and feasibility studies

  • Interdisciplinary concept work for developing new product ideas and overcoming technological challenges in the energy and environmental sectors
  • System and environment simulations for assessing feasibility as well as optimising the system size and power allocation

Calculations and simulations

  • Static and dynamic assessments and verifications for steel structures, machines and plant components
  • Steel structures and system components in earthquake-proof designs
  • Thermal analysis and optimisation of heat exchangers
  • Simulation of environmental influences and their impact on the production output of the plant (wind, temperature, flows, earthquake, etc.)

Engineering systems for air-cooled condensation units, focussing on:

  • Basic and detailed design for processes, mechanics, electrics and control
  • Specification of operating concept and control logic
  • Wiring diagrams and R&l diagrams
  • Construction and design of pipeline systems, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and all other system components.
  • Comprehensive specifications for production and procurement
  • Standardised certificates

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