Transportation & Mobility

As development partners, we help our customers achieve individual, secure and networked mobility for people and goods, including rail vehicles, pleasure railways, cableways, sub-systems and general infrastructure. The transportation of passengers requires compliance with the most stringent safety, comfort and information standards. Our systematic approach, an extensive knowledge of international standards, outstanding efficiency and a fixed routine add value for our customers and give them competitive advantages as a result.

We help you with the following core services

Development of mobility systems

We help our customers develop entire vehicles, vehicle structures and interiors as well as integrate electronic components into transport systems. including rail vehicles, pleasure railways, cableways, sub-systems and general infrastructure. We assume responsibility for tasks in project management, vehicle and structural development, refit projects and approval.

Structural development

Highly stressed structures form the backbone of vehicles, sub-systems and amusement rides, whereby the structure must be designed to withstand high levels of stress according to requirements while taking into consideration normative requirements and appropriate manufacturing methods. We help our customers design, arrange and implement safety-relevant structures and systems from the initial design phase to the production drawing and production support stage.

Refit – modernisation

Existing older vehicles such as railway carriages or locomotives only comply with current performance, comfort, safety and customer information requirements to a limited extent. We help our customers develop modernisation projects and use our many years of experience to ensure that all costs are presented transparently from the outset so that realistic purchasing decisions or decisions relating to the implementation of a refit project can be made. During the implementation phase, our knowledge of customised processes and coordinating verification concepts with authorities, e.g. when making structural adjustments to allow the installation of air-conditioning systems, power modules or refreshment of interior rooms, contributes to the creation of successful products.

Safety – approval

We help our customers evaluate the relevance of their projects in terms of safety by conducting risk assessments and analyses, discussing detailed requirements with the approving authority and setting the basis for the entire process, from concept approval to certification. We conduct fire protection assessments to help our customers assess the condition of their vehicles as well as plan and implement necessary improvements in these vehicles.

Electrical engineering

We design electrical components and equipment for transport systems, prepare diagrams, device and cable lists, devise concepts, draw up specifications and propose suitable architectures. We also help our customers with market evaluations and tenders. Our experience with electromagnetic compatibility helps us reduce EMC-related risks. We also provide engineering assistance during assembly and commissioning. In order to optimise RAM/LCC during operation, we can support our customers by analysing field data. If there is a threat that essential components will become obsolete in the future, we can help with market assessments.

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