Collaborative Innovation

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What if your distributed teams could also work on complex projects together, consistently achieving their goals?

Imagine your design and product data could be available company-wide and also securely outside of a CAD environment.

Do you wish your programs could reach the market before the competition? Do you identify challenges and bring them under control before they become critical?

How do you benefit if campaigns adapt to changing framework conditions and external systems are integrated in a targeted manner?


We believe collaborative planning and networked development are essential for designing the products of tomorrow, because IP management is nothing for lone wolves!

Capture your product knowledge across the entire corporate structure and ensure its reuse. Work with real-time data and get the visibility you want.

Our digital solutions support you in the development process as well as in project, portfolio, variant and configuration management.

Tools tailored to your needs enable the targeted analysis of your processes and the identification of time-saving factors.

Innovate together and retain necessary project flexibility via real-time monitoring of your progress and effective risk management.

Whether you are a SME or a highly complex company, you will receive a custom solution that is both modular and scalable.

Get fit for all the challenges of the digital future – we will help you with the transformation.

We would be happy to advise you on the ENOVIA portfolio according to your individual needs.

Give us a call.

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