Ideas put aside are like lottery tickets not submitted 

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It always starts with an idea. For a product, an application, the improvement of a process or the solution of a problem. Ideas are usually numerous in companies. However, they are often not pursued further. There is a lack of internal resources or specific expertise. Or it is not clear what a concept should contain, what steps are needed to implement ideas, or who should take care of the matter.  

These ideas are like lottery tickets that don’t get cashed in. They actually have a monetary value. It is all the more annoying when a competitor suddenly comes onto the market with a product or patents something that you yourself have had in mind as an idea for some time, but have not tackled. 

To prevent this from happening, Helbling Ideation supports companies as an external partner in taking their ideas forward systematically and pragmatically using its tried-and-tested four-step model 

  1. Initialization: We collect from the customer what knowledge is already available about the idea.
  2. Analysis & Definition: We analyze external requirements for the implementation of the idea (market, technology, cost structure) and define the search fields for new ideas on critical key functions.
  3. Idea Generation: According to the defined search fields, ideas are searched broadly and condensed to the most promising conceptual approaches at the end of this phase.
  4. Rough Concept: We elaborate the concept approach to such an extent that we can carry out the necessary checks: Does the idea meet a customer need (desirability)? Is it technically feasible (feasibility)? Does it have economic potential (viability)? It must be said that these three factors are in the foreground throughout the entire process.

In doing so, we choose a step-by-step and scalable approach, a risk-based approach, bring in experience from a wide range of industries as well as technical and methodological expertise, and take a holistic view of the opportunity of the idea. In this way, we quickly move from a starting point – the lottery ticket – that is fraught with a high degree of uncertainty to a solid basis for decision-making. Either it becomes clear how the implementation should be approached and what the added value is, or the idea can be put aside with a clear conscience. The customer retains control over the approach. He can adapt it at any time or pull the rip cord. 

Ideas and the continuous investment in innovation are vital for companies to survive. We therefore want to encourage company owners and executives to cash in their lottery tickets. They have the enthusiasm for ideas, but sometimes no capacity to hand in the lottery ticket at the kiosk – figuratively speaking. In this case, Helbling Ideation takes over. Because we want our clients to win. 


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