Owner advisory infrastructure

As consultants to builders, our services are based on a joint understanding of your concerns and challenges. Our experience, expertise and communication skills are leveraged for the success of your project. As a builder consultant, we accompany you through every phase from strategic planning to start-up.

We help you with the following core services

Organization and processes – How do I structure my parent organization?

  • Outside perspective on organization and processes
  • Identification and implementation of process optimization potential
  • Introduction or revision of quality management systems

Project initialization and structure – The kickoff is decisive

  • Project structuring and analysis of challenges
  • Definition of procedural and decision-making capacity
  • Proposal of scheduled changes to the structural organization over the project phases
  • Organization of suppliers, contractors, operators and users

Project consultation – Never lose the overall perspective in the midst of a project

  • Outside perspective on cost sharing between contractors and suppliers
  • Project reviews: Site finding based on a systematic framework and identification of recommended strategies
  • Second opinions on documents submitted for services, construction work or deliveries
  • Second opinions on planning results and follow-up by service providers companies or suppliers

Studies – The foundation for decision-making

  • Traffic infrastructure – rail and road
  • Energy production – nuclear, hydraulic, thermal, alternative
  • Energy transmission – electricity, district heating, energy, natural gas
  • Water and power supply
  • Waste disposal– energy from wastewater and resources from garbage

Report – An independent perspective

  • Expert opinions for courts regarding compensation
  • Insurance reports regarding compensation

Guidelines – Enhance efficiency with standards

  • Technical and professional guidelines
  • Procedural guidelines and instruments

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