Owner Representation Infrastructure

By assuming jointly defined tasks, we offer support to builders independent of the project phase. Whatever the task, our interdisciplinary team shoulders your responsibilities in accordance with your needs. Our targeted relief allows you to address more time to strategic tasks.

We help you with the following core services

Project management – Freeing up builders

We routinely take on project management tasks in complex infrastructure projects. We offer services such as:

  • Foundation laying and project definition
  • Project manuals
  • Creation and management of project cockpits
  • Monitoring schedules, performance and costs
  • Risk and quality management | Management of meetings and open issues
  • Contract management

Procurement – Assemble the dream team with an independent coach

Carefully selecting planners and specialists is fundamental to satisfying expectations and ensuring the success of the project. Careful project definition and risk analysis allow the precise formulation of requirements for service providers. We take over the procurement process ranging from defining the market and its segments up to awarding contracts for:

  • Services (including competitions)
  • Sole contractor procurement
  • Framework agreements for mixed contracts and deliveries

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