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Are you asking yourself whether the investigation of various operating scenarios could be automated, and how to efficiently identify optimized designs?

Could you be looking for a tool to propose constructive solutions that assist you in the design process? One that even supports your entire development team with simulation studies?

Perhaps you work with complex systems and wish to verify their behavior in a dynamic, non-linear environment?

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In order to strengthen the innovative power of your company, to improve the performance of your products, and to minimize the need for physical prototypes, SIMULIA offers a scalable portfolio of comprehensive simulation solutions from Dassault Systèmes.

Based on established technology, reliable quality, and superior customer service, SIMULIA makes realistic simulation an integral part of your product development process.

Save on the cost of physical prototyping and significantly reduce your time to market.

With the powerful SIMULIA tools, you can research, discover, understand, and improve your products.

Whether analyzes of structures, complex systems, fluids or electromagnetics – we will find the right solutions for you for the cost- and time-saving optimization of your development processes through virtualization.

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