Financial transparency and identification of optimization potentials of a large Swiss service company

Project description

Investigation of the cost structures of a successful Swiss service company. The aim was financial transparency and the derivation of resulting optimization potentials.

Our services

  • Assessment of the transparency of the current cost structure
  • Analysis of the historical cost development (“internal benchmarking”)
  • Neutral external view on the development of cost types
  • Identification of fields of action and potentials
  • Quantification and grouping of potentials including concrete recommendations for implementation
  • Prioritization based on a potential / implementation complexity matrix


  • Clarity of cost structures and possibility for internal benchmarking
  • Identification of measures with high savings potential
  • Prioritisation of measures and very concrete recommendations for action

The implementation based on the detailed concept took place within the company and was successfully completed (EBITDA margin improvement of around 3.5%).

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